Animal Testing? No thanks! We make sure you only get the best with approval from our athletes. With our brand new outerwear range, there will be no more down days for you! Convert. Don´t Conform. Your Ticket to Welcome bad weather Days.

Body Armor 2020

Let us take care of your protection so you can focus on what really matters. True Focus. Pure Riding.


ION’s product engineers are cheering to the latest development in flat pedal shoes. The magic – which is a vaguely unscientific wording – lies in the PIN TONIC 2.0 composition. The revised outsole profile features positive threads in the forefoot and heel area for perfect traction while pushing or carrying your bike. 


While we are observing evolution in ION’s flat pedal shoes their DNA stays truly the same. Our engineers were able to determine a well-balanced sequence of grip, durability, usability, and style within it. Tested by our riders and confirmed by our engineers!


Still not convinced? Let’s try this one: The Scrub Select is the premium version of the all-new flat pedal shoe range. Same features as the Scrub Amp but topped with real leather on the inside and outside. You can't only show off that you a real luxury shredder but also benefit from improved climate, comfort and durability.


"Where I’m from, there are no real mountain bike spots. You need to spend a lot of time in the woods and use your imagination and motivation to build your dream trails. It doesn’t really matter if I’m not surrounded by mountains or living close to a Bike Park, this addiction to biking is just growing inside me! " - William Robert

Surfing Trails

Our mission remains unchanged: "Surfing elements" unites a global movement of stoke. We all chase the flow and face the elements, enjoying every spectrum of life. Thrill, forces, gravity, confidence, dedication, and passion - all the same. Follow William Robert hitting the trails in Kamloops, BC. That truly represents what mountainbiking stands for us – surfing trails!

Streetmetry feat. Leo Nobile

Imagine a dream where shapes and curves of the streets turn the city into playground. Symmetries of the environment turns the riding into art. Embarque with Leo Nobile for a journey in the cities of Annecy and Lyon France.

The Syncronicles III - Rocks and Waves

This episode of Rob's Syncronicles features the trails of Portugal. Rob explores stunning playgrounds from Algarve in the very south via Lisbon & Sintra up to Northern Portugal. Suffering a broken wrist after a crash on the first attempt of this trip, Rob returned to Portugal six weeks later to find nothing more than the perfect land. 

Escape feat. William Robert

Escape from the city.
Escape from the traffic.
Escape from the noise.
Escape from the daily routine.
Escape and shred!

The Syncronicles II – The Ramp

Follow Rob Heran on his road trip to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to fulfill childhood dreams and live the vanlife.

Canadian Thrills feat. Nick Pescetto

"I been to B.C many times, but this one was one of the best trips ever. It all began with Crankworx. That event is about all the good homies and an average sleep of very few hours, riding everyday, hitting up all the best lakes, parties, tryin’ to kill jetlag....." - Nick Pescetto